Female dove reminding her mate during a wing boxing battle to be careful not to injure their baby or eggs in a nest or in close proximity to the battle. 

Also a sound made from straining when laying an egg or constipated.




There is a similar sound that is more like a chipmunk chuckle. The dove is actually using air to push against the egg or feces they are trying to expel so the sound is the release of the air while straining. 

Click here to hear this unusual sound. Twitter1.


Physical Description:


This is a strange sound that one of my males makes after sitting on an egg all day and straining to dump his load that he has retained all day. I also have a female who makes this sound when laying an egg. Both doves are mated to the other. One is an Orange the other is Rosy. 

It is such an unusual sound like a chipmunk that I could not resist recording it.


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