Used by the female dove when protecting her home territory or cage, nest and particularly her egg or babies against an intruder. She is telling the intruder to keep away. Don't touch.



Little squeals, followed by little whistling sounds cause by her huffing air through her nose which sounds like a hen in the chicken yard when you take her eggs. 


Click here and listen carefully to hear the sound of scolding. You may have to turn the volume way up to here some of the tiny whistling noises at the end. Scold1.


Physical Description:

One of my females gets real huffy when disturbed, particularly when she is on a nest. I have not recorded all of the associated  sounds, but this clip is a tiny sample of the sounds she makes. She puffs herself up like a blowfish when making these sounds.

564DTnestegghuff-closeAAA.JPG (45331 bytes)

One of the females huffed up on the nest