Nest Solicitation Coo



This coo is very similar to the nest building coo. This coo is made by the male and the coos are less abrupt, longer in duration and lower pitched than the female's nest building coo.

The male will lower his head down in the nest with his body bowing at a 45 degree downward angle while flicking his wings to make a raspy sound.  



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It is a two syllable rolling coo similar in musical notes to those of a "wolf whistle."


Physical Description:

The male is using the coo to advertise his nest to the female and convince her to sit in it and lay eggs. He will get into the nest, head down, tail up in a 45 degree angle, perfectly aligned and will start flicking his wings and making rasping sounds with his feathers while cooing to attract the females attention. 


The difference between the nest solicitation coo by the male and the nest building coo made by the female is the stance in the nest and the degree of the angle. In the Nest Solicitation coo, the male is standing in or on the side of the nest with his head down in the center of the nest at a 45 degree angle. With the nest building coo, the female is squatting in the nest and lowers her head over the side or just inside against her chest to coo at a 15 degree angle.


Sometimes, he has not yet bonded with the mate and is trying to entice any available female that he has a nest ready for her. 


If she is ignoring him, he may jump back and forth between the nest and perch to show her that he wants her to get into the nest.


When she is ready, she will come over to the nest and start nuzzling his head and neck while he is cooing. He will then give her room and she will enter the nest, sit in it and begin her nest building coo.


There will be intermittent periods of billing and mating during this process.


959CCwingflick-AA.JPG (35316 bytes)

This is a flirting wing flick but similar to the nest wing flick.

Male wing flicking  and cooing in the nest to solicit the female