Nest Building Coo




This coo is emitted by a female who is sitting in the nest and flicking her wings making a rasping sound. As she coos, she tends to put her head down over the outside edge of the nest. This is a two-part coo intended to tell the male to search for and bring nest building materials, sticks, etc. The male should start bringing materials when the female starts sitting in the nest and emitting this coo. 




No recording available yet. 

The female has a higher pitched coo than the males but it is similar to the nest solicitation coo made by the males. A two part coo, similar in melody to a human wolf whistle.


Physical Description:


The female will squat or sit in the nest with her head down over the side or just inside the edge against her chest each time she coos with her tail up at a 15 degree angle. She will flick her wings making a rasping noise and put her head down lined up with her tail in the 15 degree angle each time she coos. (Silky's feathers do not make a rasping sound).


The difference between the nest solicitation coo by the male and the nest building coo made by the female is the stance in the nest and the angle degrees. In the nest solicitation coo, the male is standing in or on the side of the nest with his head down in the center of the nest at a 45 degree angle. With the Nest building coo, the female is squatting in the nest and lowers her head over the side or just inside against her chest to coo at a 15 degree angle.


The female may also wobble one wing flirtatiously either with or without the coo.


If the male cannot find nest building materials or if he in restricted from obtaining nest materials, he will become very frustrated by her repeated cooing demands. As his frustration grows, he will start pacing or jumping back and forth from bottom of the cage to the perch. If he continues to become more frustrated at not having access to the building materials the female is demanding (see nest building section) he will start pecking at her head and assaulting the female to get her to stop hassling him with the constant wing flicking and short double coo and will end up chasing her out of the nest. Then seeing that she has left the nest, he will get into the nest and start his solicitation cooing for her to get in the nest, starting from the beginning. This will start another cycle of her demanding nest materials. It is best if you go out in the yard and get some thin sticks as described in the nest building section of this website or some straw. Even dead grass or pine needles or hay from the local pet store. Your dove will be most appreciative and you will be rewarded  by the delight of watching their nest building efforts.



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