There is an entire chapter devoted to Mating. Other sections that involve mating processes include affection, billing, nuzzling, wing wobble, laugh, driving and many other emotions are put into play. The actual sex act of mating follows billing. The male will mount the female, flap his wings rapidly to hover while he maneuvers his tail to the side of the females tail to push it aside and maneuver under it while hovering, just long enough to make contact between the two cloacas. It is instantaneous. Less than a second.



One or two laughs will follow the dismount. One  (usually the male) means that contact did not take place between both doves and the female will try to start billing again right away. If both doves laugh then mating contact was successful. 

Physical Description:


The mating chapter will have the most of the details. This page is just a brief over view.

During billing, the male has to preen his feathers around his vent (cloaca) so that they will not mat and will spread apart to allow unimpeded contact. Removal of some of the surrounding vent feathers will improve their ability to fertilize the eggs. Actual sexual contact is instantaneous. Less than a second. Foreplay preceding the sexual act is nuzzling and billing.

In the contacting of the cloacas, the female will use internal air pressure to evert (push out) her cloaca slightly to expose the inner tissues just enough for the males sperm to enter. When the male, who will also everting his cloaca (since he does not have any external male organs and is not built any different than the female externally) so that his sperm will be exposed as he makes contact with the female. They only have a split second to get it right before he loses his balance hovering and maneuvering. it is only a drop smaller than a pinhead. Both will release the pressure and allow their cloacas to retract with hers hopefully bringing in the sperm. It is said that a doves sperm is not as sensitive to temperatures and can live up to 10 days.

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