Language of the Doves

The names of the sounds used on this website may not necessarily be the "Official" names, but these are the best descriptive names for the associated sounds. This site endeavors to utilize an understandable terminology for the visitors to learn about doves. Language and Behavior of Ringneck doves is a personal specialty and a lot of time and effort has been made to provide as much detail as possible about the Language of the Doves. Some detailed information on the complexities of the sounds for experts in the field has also been included. Updates and corrections will be made as the research continues. 

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Doves, like all other living creatures have a language which they communicate with. The only difference being that doves do not have vocal cords so they make do with sounds made from air which passes through like a set of bellows and by utilizing their body motions, their vocabulary is quite complex. The sounds and body movements are not just noises and flutters, these are complex communications of messages, needs and desires not only to each other but to other species and humans as well. Just like certain gestures have meanings for humans, so too have the gestures of the doves. Like other creatures, the doves are capable of intelligent thought and basic emotions. Take the time to listen to your pets and they will open a new world of things you can learn. This section will describe the fascinating messages in great detail  that your doves are trying to convey.