There are many different states of excitement in a dove. Happy excitement, nervous excitement, frightened excitement, distressed excitement. Depending on the type, the behavior may vary.

Nuzzling is very important because it helps the recipient remove feather shaft wax, bugs and debris from the feathers where the dove cannot reach without assistance. It is nice if the dove can find someone to nuzzle with at least once per day. If your dove does not have a mate, then be sure to softly rub your dove on the head, face and neck to help remove the feather wax and it also feels good to the dove and is psychologically beneficial to the dove. They may also try to nuzzle under your chin if they are tame enough. 


Usually, nuzzling is silent, but some doves are more animated than others. My favorite ivory dove made all kinds of cute noises when she was cuddling against my neck.

Click to hear her sounds: Cuddle1

Physical Description:

When excited to see its owner, my dove Ivory wobbled her wings and made joyous squeals and cute noises similar to the social chatter of female chickens scratching for seed. When excited about seeing their reflection in a window, the doves will nervously pace back and forth moving their head side to side quickly and repetitiously in an obsessive motion.

When excited because I have picked up his baby, my blond pied male will come charging out of his cage and circle low over my head.

When excited to get attention, my white male dove paces impatiently in his cage with his feathers all fluffed up while he repetitiously jumps back and forth from one object to the next waiting for me to come to his cage. There is a little jealousy included in his behavior.

When the babies are excited to see me, they will peep loudly, wobble their wings, poke at my face and fly on top of my head.

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Birdie loves to have his head rubbed

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Babies and molting doves must preen the wax from new feather shafts but are unable to reach their own heads other than by scratching with their foot