Driving is the act of a male pecking at his mate usually due to the presence of another male. The male mate may emit warning laughs and even may bow & coo at his mate, often stabbing her in the center of her back with his bill as he bows while cooing. The driving can become quite vicious. It is spousal abuse in the dove kingdom. The intent is to keep her from looking at or paying attention to another male and to remind her that she is the property of her mate. This is an issue of control and ownership.


This action is accompanied by laughs and bow & coos

Physical Description:

When another male is nearby a male dove will aggressively peck at and drive his mate to keep her from having any interest in the interloper. Its a form of "beating up on your dove wife" to keep her from having any interest in another male.

The closer the intruding male, the worse the female is abused and beaten into submission by her mate, even if she has not shown any interest in the intruder. The female must keep her head down and crouch as low as possible and keep her distance to minimize the severity of the driving attack.

Some female doves have been seen seeking the companionship of another female dove when her mate is unreasonably aggressive and abusive. The reason being that her male mate will not attack and drive her for being with another female.

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The male will bite and peck at his mate when another male is present