Dove Books & Reviews


Here are the names of some Dove books and an overview. Most of these are currently available through major book stores such as and Barnes Noble. If you know of more books that are available, please send the title, author, Publisher, date and overview of the book to the webmaster.

Book Title

A Guide to... Pigeons, Doves & Quail             Their Management, Care and Breeding

Author By Danny Brown B.Sc (Hons)
Publisher Austrailian Birdkeeper
Copyright 1995
Rating *****

Excellent and informative book. Has clear, concise information on breeds, health, feeding, breeding, aviaries and much more. Filled with very nice color photos. Soft back book with glossy pages. Highly recommended.

Book Title Pigeons and Doves             A Guide to the Pigeons and Doves of the World
Author David Gibbs, Eustace Barnes and John Cox
Publisher Yale University Press
Copyright 2001
Rating ****
Comments Excellent book on Global dove breeds. Color paintings and details of each Dove breed, habitat and country of origin. However, not a book recommended for Pet Dove care or breeding because it contains no usable information other than identification of the world species of doves. If you are interested in dove identifications around the world then you cannot do better than this book. It is obvious that a lot of work went into the development of it. Glossy pages.

Book Title The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook
Author Gary A Gallerstein, DVM
Publisher Macmillan General Reference    A Simon & Schuster Macmillan Company
Copyright 1994
Rating *****
Comments The best book you can find on medical and health information and care of birds. This book is not dove specific and tends to address Parrots on the whole, but most of the medical information is as valuable to Dove owners as it is to Parrot owners. It has numerous black and white photos throughout and a few color photos, but truly critical information to have on hand. Every bird owner should have this book. I know several avian vets who have this book on their own shelves.

Book Title

Doves           A Complete Pet Owner's Manual 

     Everything about Purchase, Housing, Care, Nutrition, Breeding and Diseases

Author Matthew M. Vriends, PH.D
Publisher Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Copyright 1994
Rating ****
Comments Also an excellent book with a lot of diverse information covering most subjects. My only complaint is that the book does not have as much information on each subject that I would like to see. Subjects are addressed in brief paragraphs, but informative nonetheless. A very extensive list of subjects is covered in this book. Color photos, black & white photos and sketches. Glossy pages.

Book Title Doves
Author George K Peck
Publisher Smart Apple Media
Copyright 1998
Rating ***
Comments Mostly a book for children to teach them about doves. However, the large, glossy colored photos are exceptional and enjoyable for adults. The entire book is only about 32 pages and more than half are the large, glossy color photos.