Billing is a specific act of foreplay between two doves (usually male and female) where the female entices the male to open his bill to allow her to insert her bill deep into his throat. Mating usually immediately follows billing.


No audio involved.

Physical Description:


The female will usually start the billing process by nuzzling  & preening the male on the head and neck. She may start nibbling at and around his bill and possibly start wobbling her wings while nibbling at his bill just like a hungry baby. The male will start nibbling back (if he is interested) and will open his mouth for the female to insert her bill deeply into his throat. He will sometimes pump up fluid in his throat for the female which she will taste. They may nibble more at each others bill or break apart where she will squat in anticipation to be mounted but usually the the male will turn around to preen his feathers around the opening of his cloaca to ensure that they are not matted to inhibit contact. Then the female may resume wing wobbling to get the male to bill again and she will squat down for him to mount and mate with her.

Once he has finished mating, he will jump off her back and either one or both will laugh... if only one laughs, the mating was not successful and you will see the female attempt to start billing with him again soon after to encourage him to redo the mating.

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Female squatting to mate

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