(aka: ptk)


An expression of indignation or displeasure. Used to express indignance toward their owner attending to another dove or dislike for food or displeasure over something. Used to draw attention toward themselves. I have one dove in particular that barks at me the most. The geriatric white dove. Especially when I am in the dove room and have my back turned. He barks to get attention or complain that I am petting another dove.


Click here to listen to the dove bark. Bark1 and Bark2

It is usually emitted as one or two single barks. Sounds just like a small dog... and we do not have a dog for our doves to copy.

Physical Description:  

You can almost see the disgust on the dove's face who is making this sound. The barker is usually looking down his nose at the intended recipient of his expression of displeasure. Usually their human owner. My elderly male white dove gets very jealous when I pick up and pay attention to the other doves and ignore him. My pied female barks when I take her baby away. There is no mistaking the message that they are expressing.

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