Affection can be as simple as friendship or affection for a mate or offspring or it can be the mating process. Signs of affection can be nuzzling, preening, quiet talking, wing wobbling, billing and mating.


Not much audio involved other than a rare nuzzling sound.

Physical Description:

Doves display affection by nuzzling and preening each other. Much like you see among primates. Doves especially like to be nuzzled and preened on the neck, head and face where they cannot reach without help. Doves will also preen feathers on the wing or back of their companion. Doves will even preen and nuzzle the feathers of a competitor dove if he is ill or injured. Nuzzling is used to express affection for mates, siblings, parent to child, socially, and in sympathy for sick and injured doves, etc.

Quiet talking is also used between doves who have affection for each other as a private method of communication

Wing wobbling is used both by babies and adult females for flirting.

Billing is the most significant demonstration of affection as the male and female entwine their bills just prior to mating. The female will usually start the billing process by nuzzling  & preening the male on the head and neck. She may start nibbling at his bill and possibly start wobbling her wings while nibbling at his bill just like a hungry baby. The male opens his mouth for the female to insert hers deeply into his throat. He will sometimes pump up fluid in his throat for the female which she will taste. They may break apart and the male will preen his feathers around the opening of the cloaca to ensure that they are not matted to inhibit contact, then the female may resume wing wobbling to get the male to bill again and she will squat down for him to mount and mate with her.

The actual act of mating is where the male mounts the back of his mate and maneuvers his tale around and under the female's tale and then flaps his wings hard to hover in place while he maneuvers his cloaca to contact the females which is actually only a few seconds in duration. An instantaneous contact is all that is needed to fertilize and egg.


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