(aka: Gape)




An open bill yawn is frequently used by all doves to release air from their crop.


Babies will sometimes yawn in anticipation of being fed, although dove babies do not normally open their mouth when wanting to be fed like other baby birds since their method of being fed differs from that of other birds.


Some adults will yawn if a human makes kissy noises. The dove believes that the human is intending to feed it and will open its bill into a yawn, sometimes several times in anticipation. 




This action has no sound


Physical Description:


A baby will wobble its wings, peep, stretch its neck and poke with its bill. The baby will even poke its bill between your fingers and open its mouth wide in anticipation of being fed like it would if it inserted its bill into the parents mouth.


An adult will open its mouth into a wide yawn if a human makes kissy noises at them and will continue to repeat the yawn gesture as long as you make the noise. Not all doves will do this but  I have several other doves that will do this including adults, juveniles and babies. The ideal dove candidate for the kissy noise yawn is usually a very timid female or a very young dove. 


It took a while to figure out why the adult doves would yawn so pronounced and repeatedly while making the kissy noises, but when doing it to a juvenile, it was much easier to understand that he thought the kissy noises meant that he was going to be fed.


652IVyawn-AAA.JPG (16489 bytes)

A truly sweet natured, belated pet dove named Ivory that loved to yawn for me whenever I made kissy noises