Tangerine  White/Back Ringneck


Tangerine White/Back Dove Official ADA Description:  

  • Body is intense rusty red color with white feathers tipped with tangerine giving a pearled effect. 

  • Same as the Tangerine Pearled. 

  • Head, neck and breast are violet. 

  • Back, tail and neck are white with pearling edge to white tail. 

  • Neck ring and flight feathers are white. 



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0tangerinewb.JPG (46974 bytes) 0tangerineWB2.JPG (61527 bytes)

Photo was altered to demonstrate what a Tangerine white back looks like. These were the only photos available until better ones are found. Dovie was molting feathers so her feathers were not very smooth, but it is easy to see the pearled tips on the feathers.  Photo on right has Brownie, a tangerine Mandarin in the foreground.