(aka: Friendship, Non hostile, calling)


There are several meanings for this sound depending on the circumstance.


#1 Non-hostile, friendship, surrender 

Mostly used by an unintentionally intruding male as a signal of non-hostility typically as a response injected between the laughs or bow & coos of a territorial male at specific intervals (See Bow & coo for more info). 


Also used between females to let the other know that she does not want to fight.


#2 Calling

Used by mother dove to call when searching for her missing baby or a dove calling for their missing mate. Also used to call other doves when it is twilight and visibility is limited.


#3 Warning 

Occasionally used as a casual warning that potential but not imminent danger may be approaching.




A non-hostile signal or whine as it actually sounds following a challenge by a territorial male. Surrender3. 


Here are two more samples but the intervals have been shortened and grouping changed for the purposes of space and file size for demonstration of the sounds. The actual long intervals can be heard in the first sound file above. Here are the altered interval sound files  Surrender1 and Surrender2. 


#1 Non-hostile, friendship, surrender 

When used for conceding to an aggressive laughing and bowing & cooing male, the submissive male will emit three soft surrender whines in between each set of bow & coos. There seems to be a code of 3 and deliberate spacing intervals between the sets of sounds. The Concession whine is three slow whines, then the other male emits another set of challenge laughs and 3 bow and coos. Then the 3 concession whimpers repeat. This continues until the males are separated or the conceding dove is mounted.


When it is done by a female to another female, it is a soft single tone separated by a long pause.


#2 Calling

When it is a mother looking for her baby, the tones are a little louder and closer together but still emitted in single tones so the mother can listen for a response from the baby in between.


Physical Description:  


#1 Non-hostile, friendship, surrender 

The males that make this sound are usually on the bottom of the seniority rankings of the group and are submissive or young and single. The submissive male  emits this sound when the territorial male begins the laugh and bow and coo. Usually, the submissive male has already lost several battles with the challenger and has been regularly mounted by the senior males several times when he starts emitting the non-aggression sound that he will surrender without a fight. He interjects this sound between the bow and coos.


When used by two females either with or without a preceding conflict, the two females will stand down from any aggression. Usually only one will emit the sound.


#2 Calling

When used by a mother looking for her baby, she will sit at the nest making the whine and listening for the baby to peep back. If the male is nearby, he will search while the mother continues to make the whine to find the missing baby.


301SPBD-mateAA.JPG (52631 bytes)

Dominant male mounting another submissive male