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1698patchesfrosted feathers.JPG (91299 bytes) 1699patchesfrosted feathers.JPG (69953 bytes)
Frosted Pied flight feathers
2396bulashforward.JPG (120991 bytes) 2399bulashside.JPG (107117 bytes)
Pearled Ash Bulge eye
2400bulgeash.JPG (36717 bytes) 2391bulashbackwing.JPG (50398 bytes)
Pearled Ash Bulge eye
1468frostywing.JPG (82452 bytes) 1474frostywing.JPG (37718 bytes)
View of Very Frosty Flight feathers on Dark Dove
2439smalleggcompare.JPG (133280 bytes)
Left to right: 

undersized diamond dove egg, Normal Finch egg, undersized ringneck dove egg, normal dove egg

1647Wooly.JPG (68987 bytes) 1632Wooly.JPG (45672 bytes)
Woolly Silky
1466ASBwing.JPG (38845 bytes)
View of Blond Frosty wing
1641SF.JPG (58572 bytes)  
White silky named Snowflake