Silky Ringneck Doves


Silky Dove Official ADA Description: 

  • Body is the same as other varieties, but there is a drastic difference in feathering. 

  • The inner web of the feather is connected to the feather shaft but the outer web is not, causing the "Silky" effect. 

  • Sideboards are acceptable in this type of dove. 

  • It can be found in any color. 

  • This also includes Pied. 

  • It is important to mate silkies to regular doves due to tendency to severely mutated feathering.



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1273SItail.JPG (58282 bytes)         1277SIeye.JPG (32242 bytes)
1272SIwing.JPG (35466 bytes) 1229orgsilkies.JPG (31419 bytes)
513SI-closeAA.JPG (27587 bytes)   624SInest-close.JPG (41478 bytes)
520SI-closeAAA.JPG (55658 bytes)   1233roseashsilky.JPG (42032 bytes)
1251dusty.JPG (45628 bytes) 1252dusty.JPG (54488 bytes)

Silkies cannot fly more than a few feet at best. They cannot protect against falls and become injured very easily. Their bones are brittle and tend to break easily. It is important to protect them from these types of falls.

There are several types of silkies shown above.

Row 1 shows the tail and the mottled iris of an Ivory Silky female.

Row 2 shows the wing of the same Ivory Silky and a pair of Orange silkies.

Rows 3 & 4 show the same Ivory Silky

Row 4 & 5 shows an Ash Silky