Territorial Coo

(aka: Perch Coo)


Coo made by a male dove to declare his territory to other nearby males. Most often performed at Sunrise and Sunset. This cooing can go on for hours. Especially when the male has a mate and a nest. 



No recording available yet.

Reminds me of a rooster crowing. Has a wood whistle tone to it.


Physical Description:

The male dove usually stands upright at a 45 degree slant when he is cooing, but has been known to coo while sitting on a nest of eggs or nest of babies. The throat area balloons with air while the dove is cooing. The male will coo any time he feels that the nearby males need reminding that he has his territory there. This can continue for many hours. Usually, other males will start cooing as well. All declaring their territories. Other males can hear this territorial cooing and pinpoint the location of each of the cooing male doves so that he does not venture into their territories where he might end up in a battle.


A single male dove in captivity might not ever feel a need to do this coo if there are no other males to threaten his space. If he has a mate, he may do it to check and see if any other males might be around. A lone male in captivity might refrain from Bowing & cooing which is used in the presence of other males.


I had a male dove for 6 months that never made a sound until I bought a new male dove.


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