Mating Coo



Same sound as the nest solicitation coo except that it is done on the perch rather than the nest.  He is wanting the female to come to him and start cuddling, preening and grooming his neck and head while he is still cooing which would lead further to billing and then mating. The coo is sometimes with or without rasping wing flicking. 


No recording available yet.

It is a two syllable rolling coo similar in musical notes to those of a "wolf whistle."

Physical Description:

The difference between a nest solicitation coo is that when this coo is done in the nest, then the male wants the female to get into the nest so they can start building it up in preparation for eggs. When the coo is done on the perch, the male is looking for an interested female or his current mate to come over and start nuzzling and progress into the mating process with him.

Once she starts nibbling on his neck and working on some of his other feathers, he will start nuzzling and preening her feathers. At some point, the nuzzling will progress to billing which leads to the actual mating. 

959CCwingflick-AA.JPG (35316 bytes)

This is a flirting wing flick but similar to the nest wing flick.

Male wing flicking  and cooing in the nest to solicit the female