Photos of my Finches with doves

Gallery #7


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1325piedfinchinnest.JPG (17526 bytes) 1336Societyfinchesnest-AAA.JPG (36448 bytes) 1418babyfinchoverdoves-AA.JPG (63924 bytes)
Pied Zebra finch in nest Society finches on newborns Baby society finch napping with baby doves
1411babyfinchesdoves.JPG (84943 bytes) 1427babydovesfinches-AAA.JPG (91991 bytes) 1412babyfinchdoves.JPG (76257 bytes)
Baby society finches preening and cuddling baby doves
1416finchfeedingdove.JPG (63521 bytes)   1421finchesgrooming doves.JPG (52649 bytes)
Baby society finch trying to feed baby dove   Baby society finches preening baby dove