Photos of my Dove Breeds

Gallery #4


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1226whiteRN.JPG (69518 bytes) 1228light cream.JPG (55517 bytes) 1345DTNest-AAA.JPG (70080 bytes)
Light Cream female Bull eyed White Rosy pied female "Dotty"
1235bulgeeye2-AAA.JPG (70880 bytes) 1234peach2.JPG (80138 bytes) 1260Diamond doves.JPG (41326 bytes)
Bulge eye blond Young peach Diamond doves female & male
1233roseashsilky.JPG (42032 bytes) 1231lightashsilky.JPG (105340 bytes) 1244birdynest.JPG (38460 bytes)
Silky Ash male Light ash silky male White male "Birdy"
1389SPNFbaby2.JPG (41314 bytes) 1229orangesilkies.JPG (78297 bytes) 1239bulgeeye2-AAA.JPG (37131 bytes)
Young pied male "Patches" Orange silky male & female Blond bulge eye
1246cremepuff.JPG (65969 bytes) 1245CP-AAA.JPG (57815 bytes) 1252Dusty-AAA.JPG (83895 bytes)
Light cream female "Cream Puff" Light cream female "Cream Puff" Ash male silky "Dusty"
1301SPwingflick-AAA.JPG (75874 bytes) 1405SQ-AAA.JPG (58903 bytes) 494AS-AAA.JPG (43460 bytes)
Blond Pied male "Speckles" Pied male "Squeakers" Ash male "Ashley"
1346BDeggsnest-AAA.JPG (77643 bytes) 1368BFegghatch-AAA.JPG (50251 bytes) 1385BDNest-AAA.JPG (62188 bytes)
White male "Birdy" & eggs Pink Male "Buffy" & hatching egg White male "Birdy"
1483piedchinmoy.JPG (60322 bytes) 1481chinmoyorgpearl.JPG (48220 bytes) 1488chinmoy.JPG (63025 bytes)
Pied male "Patches" & Chinmoy Chinmoy & Orange pearled Chinmoy