Photos of my Dove Breeds

Gallery #3


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0607SInest closeAAA.JPG (33365 bytes) 0662IVyawn-AAA.JPG (10730 bytes) 0652IVyawn-AAA.JPG (16489 bytes)
Silky Ivory female "Silkie" Ivory female "Ivory" Yawning Ivory female "Ivory" Yawning
0673PI-closeAAA.JPG (19284 bytes) 0639CCnest-eggAAA.JPG (35681 bytes) 0674PI-closeAAA.JPG (33623 bytes)
Pied female "Pi" Orange male "CooCooNut" Pied female "Pi"
0684AS-closeAAA.JPG (27060 bytes) 0796BRperch-closeAAA.JPG (36354 bytes) 0955CCcooing-AAA.JPG (31537 bytes)
Ash male "Ashley" Tangerine female "Brownie" Orange male "CooCooNut"
0959CCwingflick-AA.JPG (35316 bytes) 1210spashorgneck.JPG (40704 bytes) 1211orgneck.JPG (37176 bytes)
Orange male "CooCooNut" Orange neck male Orange neck male
1095roanpair.JPG (29505 bytes) 1397SQdropper.JPG (65546 bytes) 1206blond.JPG (56381 bytes)
Dark (Wild) males Pied male "Squeakers" Blond male
1208blond.JPG (71898 bytes) 1205blond2.JPG (61093 bytes) 0960CChorzcoo-AAA.JPG (33451 bytes)
Blond males Dark Ivory Male Orange male "CooCooNut"
1214darkblond.JPG (66556 bytes) 1215org.JPG (53365 bytes) 1224peach.JPG (57963 bytes)
Dark Frosty male Orange male Young peach
1245Ivory.JPG (32274 bytes) 0963SIwingflicknest-AAA.JPG (21188 bytes) 1252Dusty-AAA.JPG (83895 bytes)
Light cream female "Cream Puff" Silky Ivory female "Silkie" Silky ash "Dusty"