Photos of my Dove Breeds

Gallery #2


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0550DTnest-eggAAA.JPG (32334 bytes) 0220CC-sunAAA.JPG (38751 bytes) 0248BD-pettingAA.JPG (69124 bytes)
Rosy Pied female "Dotty" Orange Male "CooCooNut" White male "Birdy" 11 yrs old
0250BD-closeAAA.JPG (31821 bytes) 0000ice.JPG (47838 bytes) 0326SP-stickAAA.JPG (45596 bytes)
White male "Birdy" 11 yrs old Orange male "CooCooNut" & Ice female "Freckles" Blond pied male "Speckles"
0274CC-closeAAA.JPG (26859 bytes) 0356DV-nestAAA.JPG (59749 bytes) 0224BF-sunAAA.JPG (47002 bytes)
Orange Male "CooCooNut" Pearled Tangerine female "Dovie" Pink male "Buffy"

0564DTnestegghuff-closeAAA.JPG (45331 bytes)

0517Pi-closeAAA.JPG (55568 bytes) 0506Dotty-closeAAA.JPG (25518 bytes)
Rosy Pied female "Dotty" Pied female "Pi" Rosy pied female "Dotty"
0496Rosy-closeA.JPG (36569 bytes) 0539IVclose-AA.JPG (20140 bytes) 1397SQdropper.JPG (65546 bytes)
Rosy female "Rosy" Ivory female "Ivory" Pied male "Squeakers"
0404BF-closeAAA.JPG (42562 bytes) 0536IV-closeAAA.JPG (22955 bytes) 0350FR-nestAAA.JPG (74784 bytes)
Pink male "Buffy" Ivory female "Ivory" Ice female "Freckles"
0598PInest-closeAA.JPG (40832 bytes) 0596SInest-closeAAA.JPG (40473 bytes) 0599ASnest-closeAAA.JPG (34324 bytes)
Pied female "Pi" Silky Ivory female "Silkie" Ash male "Ashley"