Photos of my Dove Couples

Gallery #1


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1434dustysittingonlady-AAA.JPG (73472 bytes) 1364ASCPNest-AAA.JPG (50249 bytes) 1019BDDTNestcrowd-AAA.JPG (34533 bytes)
Silky ash "Dusty" sitting atop his frosty bulge eye mate "Lady" Ash male "Ashley" and light cream female "Cream Puff" White male "Birdy" under his rosy pied mate "Dotty"
1382SPPIFamilynest-AAA.JPG (53381 bytes) 1396BDDTfamilynest.JPG (65303 bytes) 0619SIBF-closenestAAA.JPG (40910 bytes)
Pied female "Pi" her blond pied mate "Speckles" & babies Rosy pied female "Rosy" her white mate "Birdy" & babies Silky ivory female "Silkie" and pink mate "Buffy"
0792BDBRnest babies-AAA.JPG (32098 bytes) 0344SPDV-nestAAA2.JPG (68917 bytes) 0563CCRSnest-AAA.JPG (39929 bytes)
White male "Birdy" & tangerine female "Brownie" Blond pied "Speckles" and his pearled tangerine mate "Dovie" Rosy female "Rosy" & orange mate "CooCooNut"

1429dustyonladyrear-AAA.JPG (34624 bytes)

0251BRBD-mateA.JPG (34768 bytes) 0957DTBDnestbuild-AA.JPG (29868 bytes)
Silky ash "Dusty" sitting atop his bulge eye Frosty mate "Lady" White male "Birdy" atop tangerine female "Brownie" Rosy pied female "Dotty" atop white male "Birdy"
1288SPPIbilling-AA.JPG (86855 bytes) 1216orgnest.JPG (56497 bytes) 0333SPDV-nestAAA.JPG (65154 bytes)
Blond pied male "Speckles" billing pied mate "Pi" Orange male & female Pearled tangerine "Dovie" & blond pied mate "Speckles"