Chinmoy Dove Official ADA Description: 

  • A white bodied Pied with orange spots

  • Orange neck ring.




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1490chinmoy.JPG (50652 bytes)

Young Chinmoy just starting to form the orange neck ring. Basically, the Chinmoy is an orange pied. Do not confuse with a blond pied. The easiest way to identify the Chinmoy is to place it side by side with an orange dove or an orange pearled (See photos above). Refer to the Pied section for more photos.

1487Piedchinmoyorgpearl.JPG (60773 bytes) 1483piedchinmoy.JPG (60322 bytes)
Dark Pied, Chinmoy & Orange pearled Dark Pied and Chinmoy
1488chinmoy.JPG (63025 bytes) 1481chinmoyorgpearl.JPG (48220 bytes)
Chinmoy Chinmoy and Orange pearled