Ash Ringneck Dove


Ash Dove Official ADA Description:  

  • Extremely diluted gray to white colored body. 

  • Rich almond color on head, neck and breast. 

  • Sometimes has almond penciling on back and shoulders. 

  • White to gray neck ring. 

  • Variants: Light Ash, Pearled Ash



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"Ashley" is an Ash male dove. He is etched gray, rosy colored (officially "almond") head, chest and shoulders with sprinkles on the back, dark gray neck ring,  Brownish orange eyes and a gray bill. No bar is discernable beneath tail feathers. His flight feathers are a silver-white as are his vent feathers. Ashley is a very muscular dove but  is a gentle spouse to his mate. Ashley is very dedicated at sitting on a nest of eggs.