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Photo & information Use permissions: 

The intent of the permissions as described below, is to permit the  public or personal online use and enjoyment of the images and information from this website without profiteering or requiring fees or subscriptions or other restrictive practices or monetary gain.  

Images may be copied and posted for free, unrestricted public or personal viewing. Images may only copied and posted for educational, informational and NON-Profit, NON-Commercial, NON-Marketing and inoffensive uses only. Images may not be used on sites which require membership fees or subscription fees to view the images; nor any site requiring logins, subscriptions, sign-in's or memberships... whether free or paid. Even free subscriptions are considered to be restrictive and therefore constitutes an unacceptable use of these images and information from this website. No type of information gathering  of any kind, may be used in conjunction with the access or display of the images or information from this website. No images, information or web pages from this website may be mirrored or embedded with hidden redirects or other unsavory practices.

Websites which have memberships or subscription practices (whether paid or free) can only post the images and information from this website as long as the public has free, unrestricted access to those images without requiring logins, subscriptions or memberships in order to view the images. Such unrestricted access should be clearly designated for the public without subterfuge or hidden URL's. No site shall post the images or information without creating a freely accessible public link to the images and information for unhindered, unrestricted viewing.

Photos, information & materials may not be used on any website which accepts profit, money, sponsors or favors.  Nor on any website which contains ads, Tracking or commercial content which benefits the website or  Owner or any sponsors, gratuities, donations, fees, or sales of any kind.

All photos and content used from this website must be credited to "Midge" and ""  

No photos or information from this website may be used for any type of publication or photographic image sales purposes whether print or digital or otherwise.


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