Yellow-headed Blackbird


Images from North Central Texas April 2007


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Adult female Yellow-Headed Blackbirds are almost identical to 1st year males except for a small white mark on the outer margin of the wing on males. (see 1st year male on lower right corner of the image below)

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Although this one photo above  is not crystal clear, it has the best image of a female and 1st year male. It also shows the reddish faces & crowns of the yellow heads which are not mentioned in any of the bird book descriptions for yellow-headed blackbirds.
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The birding books say it is rare to see yellow-headed blackbirds at backyard feeders. Their normal habitat is described as reedy marshes. This must be true. We had never seen this type of bird before and had to look it up to see what kind of bird it was. It sounded like a rusty hinge when it sang. This flock flew to our feeder the morning after a night terrible storms, 8 inches of rain, heavy regional flooding and tornadoes. They only stayed for that one day & have not returned. Red winged blackbirds and cowbirds were mixed among the flock as they ate.

Note the yellow feathers around the rear vent


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