Red Bellied Woodpecker

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Images from North Central Texas May 2007


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This male Red Bellied Woodpecker was a first time visitor 5/19/07
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This was after the woodpecker lost the skirmish with the mourning dove.
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A Lark sparrow on the left is warily watching the new woodpecker.
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This male Red Bellied Woodpecker decided to visit our back deck feeder and snatch a few peanuts for Lunch. We had never seen one in this area until now.

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Although these images are not crystal clear, you can get an idea of his coloring
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Although this image came out blurry, it is still a good depiction of a Mourning Dove standing her ground against the woodpecker. She puffed up her feathers to make herself look big and raised her wings above her head. The Mourning Dove won and in the images above, you can see the woodpecker hiding behind the Mourning dove after losing the skirmish.



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